Tuesday, 28 May 2013

3 things we saw in ACT 2

Comparative and Superlative forms
1 Syllable
big ….. bigger than
tall ….. taller than
small … smaller than
2 syllables ending in –y
pretty ….. prettier than
funny …… funnier than
3 syllables or morepopular …… more popular than
interesting … more interesting than
Irregular good ….. better than
bad ….. worse than
far ……. farther / further than
1 Syllable
big ….. the biggest
tall ….. the tallest
small … the smallest
2 syllables ending in –ypretty ….. the prettiest
funny …… the funniest
3 syllables or morepopular …… the most popular
interesting … the interesting
Irregular good ….. the best
bad ….. the worst
far …….the farthest / furthest

AS …. AS ------ Trenque Lauquen is as interesting as Pehuajó.
               ------- Trenque Lauquen isn’t as big as Buenos Aires. 

Order of Adjectives

O Si A S C O M noun
opinion size age shape colour origin material
beautiful big old square brown Italian leather bag
horrible new French boots
Pronunciation of –ed ending 
/t/ /d/ /Id/
p, k, ss, s, x, sh, ch b, g, r, l, m, n, a, e, i, o, u, w, y t, d
pass, fix, kiss, watch, wash, stop, pick listen, play, call, arrive mend, end, start, pollute


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

LDN lilly Allen

Santi and Silvia´s BB

This  a picture of me, I have short brown hair, brown eyes and an average nose.
my head is big and i have ears and a big mouth-


"Hi! My full name is Silvia Bathis and I'm 30 years old.
I have got brown eyes but Some days my eyes are green.
I have got wavy light brown  hair.
My skin is white with a few freckles.
I have got a medium size nose and small ears.
I always wear glasses and rings."



ACT 2 - Harry travells to Buenos Aires :)

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BB for Wednesday 29th May

- "Listen to the CD act 3"

- "Manual page 15"
- "Choose one of the songs we have worked with"

password for the 29th May

"Enjoy yourself and I see you at the factory tomorrow."

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


She wanted to see ...
She walked to the window and looked outside.
A car stopped at the crossing
A man and a woman started to cross the road.
The woman jumped out of the way.
The car missed her.
It knocked down the man.
They phoned for an ambulance ...
They arrived quickly.
The ambulance men helped the woman to stand up.
They carried the man into the ambulance.
Jane explained what she had seen.
Later, the police arrested the driver.

Poster act 2 scene 2 "a"

The girl from Ipanema . Wednesday 15th May

create your own avatar and describe it

Hi my full name is María Silvia. I'm 36 years old.
I´m average size and rather plump.
I´ve got oval face and straight dark hair.
My eyes are dark brown, too.
I´ve got a small nose and a tiny mouth.
I've got a mole on my right cheek.
Today I'm wearing a pink necklace ... I love it!

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Password for Wednesday 22nd May

"Oh Well. Now I must have a shower and get changed ..."