Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Future Forms

To be + going to + verb
Present Continuous
Simple Present
Predictions based on knowledge/believes
e.g. Take this medicine and you’ll feel a lot better.
e.g. I’ll do the homework for next class.
Spontaneous decisions & offers
e.g. (Riiiiiiiiiiiiinnngggggg)   I´ll answer the phone

"I think", "I´m not sure", "Perhaps"
Plans & Intentions
e.g. There´s a test tomorrow, so I´m going to study tonight.
Predictions based on evidence that you can see or hear
e.g. Look at the sky ! It´s going to rain
Arrangements (positive mainly)
e.g. My sister is visiting the doctor tomorrow morning.
e.g. My dad is retiring next month.

"dates", "appointments"
Timetables (buses, trains, flights, cinema, theatre, arrivals, departures)
e.g. The flight leaves at 7:05 tomorrow morning.

e.g. What time does the film stat tomorrow?

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